Interactive Voice Response

The Corrections Division is now offering a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which is accessed by calling 609-299-1694. This system allows for the public to search and receive information on all active offenders, providing Camden County Department of Corrections identification #.; bail; housing location; visiting hours and other pertinent information via the telephone. 



1. There will be no limit to incoming or outgoing mail. All mail will be collected and distributed by authorized staff. There will be no censorship or inspection of your outgoing mail. However, your incoming letters will be inspected for contraband. Inmates shall be permitted to receive from approved vendors the following: books, magazines, newspapers or other printed matter, except as established in this handbook, or if the publications are deemed to constitute an immediate threat to the security of the adult county correctional facility, or these publications are determined to contain disapproved content or to be obscene by current laws or court decisions on obscenity. You may receive any and all periodicals and magazines addressed to you, which are sent directly from the publisher, provided that any such materials do not create a clear and present danger to institutional discipline and security. You, therefore, are allowed at any given time to have in your possession SIX (6) magazines, SIX (6) paperback books and ONE (1) Bible, Torah, or Koran.

2. Mail entering the facility must be in a white envelope. The only exemptions are legal mail. No nude or revealing photos will be accepted.

3. These will be returned to sender if applicable. The letters may not be read except where security of the institution is threatened. All legal mail will be opened in your presence and examined for contraband.

4. If the correspondence or publication contains material which is detrimental to the security and/or order of the facility because it incites violence based on race, religion, creed or nationality and a reasonable inference can be drawn, based upon experience and professional expertise of the administrative staff that could result in the outbreak of violence within the facility, it will be withheld.

5. All outgoing mail returned to the institution for any reason will be opened, inspected for contraband, and then read.

6. Upon request, if you are indigent, we will provide materials for your personal use in mailing up to three (3) letters each week.

7. Your name and commitment number must be plainly written on all envelope(s) on all mail.

8. Incoming mail will be delivered promptly. Outgoing mail will be collected daily except Sundays and holidays.